Big Family Homestead

Big Family Homestead LogoThe Big Family Homestead channel is all about learning as we go while having a blast! Brad has a background in Christian rock music as well as decades in audio and video production but is pretty new to the “self reliant” lifestyle. Along with his wife Christa and their seven awesome kids, we are learning all about backyard chickens, gardening, food preservation, alternative energy, animal husbandry and much more.

Join the “Big Family Crew” as we learn and share the skills it take to be self reliant, and still have fun in the process.




Off Grid Nation 

The Off Grid Nation channel motto is to help educate, motivate and build community. TommyMy family and I are preppers that are slowly converting to an overall homesteading lifestyle. We want to share knowledge, experience and ideas with the YT community and show you our journey as we walk down our new path. We don’t have many subjects that are off limits. We discuss finance, precious metals, activism, politics, geoengineering, homesteading, corruption, NWO, bees, overall preparedness, SHTF, you name it and, we want to bring as many voices from the community into the discussion via our call in YT show.
We see the trouble on the horizon and we want to wake as many people up as possible so they are prepared for what is coming. Want to be part of the community and part of the solution? We hope to see you Sunday nights at 8 PM EST.



spinningwheelHi! I am Julianne and I live with my little family in Southeast Idaho. When I was eighteen months old I was hauling water to a pet rabbit and duck in our backyard and I have never changed. Currently we live on 1.65 acres in a high/cold desert. We raise milk goats, muscovy and khaki campbell ducks, meat rabbits, quail, pigs, and one lone Barred Rock hen.
Over the last five years we have transformed our sterile, dry acreage into a food forest that supports us and our animals all year. This last spring we ran a KickStarter and acquired a commercial grade greenhouse where we now raise food year round.
Our focus is teaching other to do what we have done and create most of our food from our own property for as little monetary input as possible. We can’t wait to get to know you, come check us out at our YouTube channel :

Living On A Dime 







Deep South Homestead 

Here on Deep South Homestead we invite you to join us onLogo - Squared 1000px

the porch for “Porch Time” and “Chat with Danny and

Wanda”. We are talking about the old ways that are nearly

forgotten, tools that require no batteries, gas or electricity,

gardening, cooking, canning, smoking meat, animal care,

and anything homesteading. We provide diy videos on a

variety of subjects: gardening, canning and cooking,

and videos with our friends and neighbors. Deep South

Homestead on YouTube is your southern hospitality channel.


46 Degrees North Off Grid

We are Kirk, Amanda and Bo – a Christian family of 3 living 100% off the grid in Ontario Canada.  After recognizing that the world isn’t at all what it seems,  Kirk and Amanda decided to drop their pointless cushy urban lives and move the household to a more remote area.  About 5 hours north East of Toronto, Canada – The winters can be fridged, down to -40 F and the summers a blistering 99 F on a daily basis.

Kirk, a crane operator by trade, and his wife, Amanda,  homeschools our daughter, Bo, built a cabin behind and over their 17ft camper, installed nearly 4,000 watts of solar panels and drilled a fresh water well.  With plans to start building their new 1,000 square foot off the grid home very soon.  

We operate a youtube channel called 46 Degrees North Off Grid.  On this channel we do detailed how to videos, off grid VLOGS – organic gardening – solar stuff – and cool drone flights around their land.  Basically, its our lives, off the grid and what we have experienced thus far.

Kirk works at odd local jobs at his new home to earn some money and Amanda is working part time at a local dairy and both of us work part time at an all organic farm.  With nearly zero bills, working full time isn’t necessary.

Life is tough starting again.  We just wish we did it this way 20 years ago.  



Off Grid Kid 

OGKThe Off Grid Kid is a young aspiring homesteader. From the garden to the kitchen, the Off Grid Kid is learning the self-sufficient lifestyle. He decided to make his channel to give a young person’s perspective on homesteading and prepping. He hopes to inspire people with his motto, “It’s so easy, even a kid can do it.”

A range of self-reliant videos are on his channel. He does DIYs, gardening, frugal living, cooking, and more. He hopes to have a Tiny House on about 5 acres in a few years. But for now, the Off Grid Kid is on a journey to learn the ways of the past generations.

Goin’ Batty

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 Gardening with purpose, chickens and the eggs that they lay, creative cooking, crocheting, worm farms, up-cycling, canning, and everything else under the sun with God in the center of it all! We are on a new path of sustainable living and homesteading. You are invited to join us!  With an amazing path BEFORE us, a community of incredible people BESIDE us, a legacy BEHIND us. The Goin’ Batty channel is the hub where we keep our ideas, experiences, successes, failures and anything else we feel like putting up here!

Homestead Moma


Melisa Mink lives on their homestead in North Mississippi near Holly Springs. She raises her own animals (2 and 4 legged), grows a good size garden, grows her own herbs, wild harvests herbs and foods. She owns her own line of lab tested essential oils, loves eating weeds and raising her kids to live off the land. She loves making homemade items such as salves, tonics, soaps, canning, and doing everything “homesteady”. Due to the need of having a DEET free option for serious bug control, she developed her own natural bug repellents and skin care line for her family that now sell nation wide. In her products she values using these herbs, organic milk, local honey as well as their own essential oils. Her channel mission is to share these skills, equip other parents with knowledge and give real encouragement to get them out of the house, spending time with their kids, learning skills needed to survive. Her website is

Living Like Clare


Hello, my name is Clare! My family and I have been prepsteaders (homesteader+preppers) for around 7 years. I am so excited for this journey we are on, and hope to continue to do this after I graduate! I do recipe videos, homesteading videos, gardening videos, diys, and much more! I hope you join me on this crazy ride called life!  Have a blessed day 🙂











Resistance Chicks


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Hey y’all, we’re Leah and Michelle from Resistance Chicks! We’ve been homesteading for over a decade and our channel Masfaith3 is chalk full of resourceful how-to videos from things we have learned along the way! Our most recent venture has been our new show, Resistance Chicks, which we launched in January of 2017. RCs is a news program aimed at bringing truth in an age of biased, false media (aka- Real Fake News). We always say, “we don’t lean to the Right and we don’t lean to the left, we lean on the Word of God.” Everything we say and do is filtered through that. Leah graduated from Bible school in 2000 aimed at evangelism… little did she think that would be accomplished through political news!  You may find us broadcasting the news during the birth of a litter of pigs, while shoveling manure… or just in our living room… either way, we’d love to have you join us on this amazing journey we are taking! Also be on the lookout for our handy-homesteader Mr. Kansas Matt making special guest appearances- without whom, none of our projects such as pig pens, chicken-coops, hog processing, saw-milling and many other man-jobs, would not be possible!